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Top 10 Dot CA Business Domain Name Sales

Here are some of the top-selling .ca business-oriented domain names of the past year, including the top two which sold in January of 2010:

  • - $34,000 USD
  • - $25,000 USD
  • - $30,000 CAD
  • - $29,000 CAD
  • - $19,950 USD
  • - $18,900 USD
  • - $14,200 USD
  • - $8,000 USD
  • - $8,000 CAD
  • - $8,000 CAD

When compared with the top-selling .com domains of last year, such as ($5.1 million) or ($3million), these Canadian domains seem like a bargain. Of course, these are premium domains that don't come along every day.

For the most part, Canadian businesses do not need to worry that their business name or even a good generic name will be too expensive or unavailable. CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, says there are 1.3million .ca domains registered, but considering there are about 70 million .coms worldwide, this leaves plenty of room for good .ca domains.

For example, many decent domains sold last year for under $1000, such as:

  • - $225
  • - $400
  • - $450
  • - $630
  • - $669

If you were a home business guru, a realtor in Kelowna, an alternative health provider, made custom fly-fishing lures or sold coupon books online, these would be premium domain names for your business.

The Top 10 numbers always look good, but Canadian business owners don't have to spend tens of thousands to get that great .ca domain name that will really help their internet presence. Depending on the industry, your business name may even still be available for registration as a .ca.  However, this situation won't last forever as Canadian and International enterprises increasingly realize the value of Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD), including the humble .ca. ?

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