Social Media Management

Hwy52 Digital is experienced in helping local businesses develop and maintain effective social media marketing (SMM) campaigns across a wide range of social properties. Social media can be a powerful tool with important benefits for business if implemented correctly.

The following areas can be positively impacted by an effective social media effort:

Website Traffic

Followers and potential customers that engage with your social media posts can be an important source of website traffic. Sharing blog posts, videos or other content from your website across social platforms gives your audience a reason to click through and visit your site.

Customer Engagement

Social media is a great way of keeping in contact with your current customers, sharing news, deals, coupons, website content and more with them, as well as responding to their questions and remarks. This can help to build and improve customer loyalty.

Brand Messaging

Building and reinforcing your brand message is one of the most important functions of your marketing effort. Your brand is your identity, and social media can help you communicate a clear brand message that is consistent across social platforms.

Search Engine Rankings

There are many direct and indirect ways that social media can impact your search engine rankings. A strong social presence, shareable content and good customer engagement can produce backlinks, positive reviews and citations which are often used as ranking signals by the major search engines.

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